About Us

This site SkullisJewelry.com is particularly dedicated to fancy skull jewelry by Skullis. SKULLIS, Creator of the Finest Gemstone Skull Jewelry & Sculptures. Skullis has specialized in both areas since 2009. Beauty, uniqueness, and creativity is what we pursue in our works. Nearly 150,000 people follow us at Instagram.

Skullis is absolutely dedicated to creating the most diverse and unique selection of high quality gemstone and crystal skulls available anywhere in the world, at the most competitive prices you'll find either online or off, for the truly exceptional quality and selection offered. And because we specify, source, envision, design, create and market all of our own unique artistic works, this means that you are investing in an original piece of art that is not only of consistently high quality and originality but also of unique beauty and presence, that is unsurpassed in the skull crafting field. These gemstone and crystal skulls were envisioned and executed by a master craftsman with superior carving and polishing skills and many years of training and experience.

Every piece we manufacture is painstakingly handcrafted from only the finest and most diverse selection of 100% natural stone, except a few types of very popular man-made stones, e.g. cubic zirconia (the artificial diamond), which will be indicated clearly on each skull listing at our website that they are not natural. And each work is meticulously hand sketched, carved and polished, to a level of finish very few sculptors, can achieve, in most types of stone. We offer the broadest selection of high quality and rare natural stone products on the market (over 400 different stones) and also the widest selection of designs and sizes of collectible and talisman skulls, on the planet!

Skullis is now the undisputed leader in the world of crystal skulls. In January 2011, National Geographic Channel visited Skullis and filmed our master artists at work for 3 days on end, and are using the footage for a documentary entitled: The Crystal Skulls: the Truth Behind, which is scheduled to air on the National Geographic Channel in late 2011. Being impressed after seeing our skulls on www.skullis.com, Skullis eBay store (named Skullis Crystal and Gemstone Skulls) and elsewhere, they came to Skullis to have us re-create the most famous (and infamous) crystal skull in the world: the Mitchell-Hedges skull. With data and detailed photographs of the MH skull provided to NGC by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., our artists were able to do what has widely been stated cannot be done: they created a nearly exact replica of the Mitchell-Hedges skull- as accurate as possible without having the actual skull itself to model it from, right down to the detachable lower jaw.

Because we are in complete control what we design, manufacture and sell, this allows for unrivaled creativity, quality control and extension of the lowest pricing, for the some of the finest works available anywhere, regardless of price! We also sell directly to both resellers and private collectors. So whether you're a new buyer, avid collector or retailer, we greatly value your support! Our main goal is to supply you with the very best, for less. And to routinely exceed your expectations!

In the coming months and years you will see an ever broader selection of increasingly higher quality and more sophisticated works offered by SKULLIS and RIKOO, Skullis' parent company. Therefore what one collects today will later indeed prove to be a sound investment tomorrow. Our goal is to soon be a "household name" in the upper end collectibles market by consistently offering our patrons the best limited edition and original hand made works, at reasonably affordable prices, certain to appreciate in value. We want you to take great pride in ownership of each and every work you acquire from us as we take immense pride in creating each piece we can offer to you. From all of us at SKULLIS and RIKOO, we THANK YOU kindly, for supporting our growing number of resident artists, artisans, craftspeople, designers and customer relations staff.