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Gem Skull Pendant Necklace of Black Obsidian & Pearl

Gem Skull Pendant Necklace of Black Obsidian & Pearl

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Black Obsidian

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Black Obsidian

ORIGINUnited States HARDNESS5.2 NATURAL100% Natural

Item ID: S0001624

Size: 0.9"x0.5"x0.7" (23x13x17 mm)

Weight: 23g

Material: Black Obsidian, Pearl, 14k Gold Filled

The collar necklace is designed to fit closely around the neck, typically without clasps or adjustable openings. Its two poles are adorned with pearl bead and small black obsidian skull, creating a classic and elegant contrast. The circle part is 14k gold filled, adding a statement-making element to your look.