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Skullis Signature Amethyst Gem Skull Pendant or Necklace, Hand Carved, Sterling Silver .925 Chain, for Women & Men

Skullis Signature Amethyst Gem Skull Pendant or Necklace, Hand Carved, Sterling Silver .925 Chain, for Women & Men

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Chain Type
  • Without chain
  • Blackened sterling silver chain - 2.5mm dia
  • Rhodium plated sterling silver chain - 2mm dia
Pendant Size
  • 0.8"
  • 1"
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Item ID: S0000268

Size: 0.8"x0.6"x0.7"(20x16x18 mm); 1.0"x0.7"x0.8" (25x18x20 mm)

Weight: 7.6g (35ct); 12g (58ct)

Material: Amethyst, 925 Sterling Silver

Skullis Signature Amethyst Gem Skull Pendant or Necklace, Hand Carved, Sterling Silver .925 Chain, for Women & Men

Amethyst has been precious to us for thousands of years; the oldest known amethyst necklace from Ancient Egypt being dated to 2000 BCE. With color and transparency that are always entrancing, the purple of amethyst does something no other materials do for our Skullis Signature Gem Skull Pendant. While we may never know exactly what that is, we are as captivated as our customers by these exquisite versions of our most popular gem skull pendant.

We start by carefully assessing the finest specimens of material, which we then cut and shape into your sculpted pendant. Every one of our gem skulls is carved by hand by our talented artists who meticulously craft each minute detail. Next, it takes a great deal of time to polish the carved gemstones until our expectations for perfection are finally reached. Then we are finally satisfied and willing to approve them as Skullis Signature Gem Skull Pendants!

Skullis Jewelry regularly offers our Signature Skullis Gem Skull Pendant carved from over a dozen natural gemstones, and we will offer even more in the future! The chains can be changed freely for all varieties of our signature pendant design. Pendants and chains are offered separately to accommodate any combinations you may wish for. Buy as many gem skull pendants and necklaces as you love, and select the chains that are right for you!

Sterling silver findings in both sides blend your carved gem skull with the sterling silver chain of your choice. Blackened sterling silver is the proper term for what many people call oxidized silver; giving your silver a darker, tarnished patina. Rhodium plated sterling silver, with a value greater than gold; rhodium is a silver-white precious metal in the platinum family with a high reflectivity for light.

Blackened sterling silver Rhodium plated sterling silver

Skullis spent more than two months testing and refining the clasps on our chains to achieve both a beautiful look and a graceful ease when fastening & unfastening. We wanted to make chains comparable to our carved gemstones, which could be worn as fine jewelry even when you decide to leave your gem skull pendant at home.

Skullis sterling silver chains are 24 inches (61cm) in length. The blackened sterling silver chain diameter is 2.5mm and will fit in any pendant with a hole larger than 2.7mm. The rhodium plated sterling silver chain has a diameter of 2mm and will fit in any pendant with a hole larger than 2.2mm.

Carved from natural gemstones, with normal wear and care Skullis gem skulls will never lose color or luster. As they watch hundreds of years pass by, the beauty of our gem skull jewelry will persist to be shared by generation after generation.

Our amethyst gem skull pendant is available in two sizes: .8 inch in length and 1 inch. We expect the smaller amethyst pendant to be regularly available, while the one inch is "Limited." It is difficult to find rough amethyst large enough to carve one inch skulls. Check the availability by clicking on this listing when ordering, and contact us if the listing is Sold Out so we can update you on our current search to find more quality amethyst suitable for our jewelry.

Unless you are already one of our customers, we feel we can safely say there is nothing like this in your jewelry collection now. We know you will be pleased when you first see your Skullis Gem Skull Signature necklace, and very likely, more than pleased for many years to come after.

Pendant .8" 1"
Size (approx.) .8"×.6"×.7" (20×16×18mm) 1"×.7"×.8" (25×18×20mm)
Weight (approx.) 35ct 58ct
Diameter of hole .15" (3.8mm) .15" (3.8mm)
Interchangeable Pendant & Chain Yes Yes
For Men & Women Everyone Everyone
Weights and measurements may vary slightly.
All Skullis chains and pendants are interchangeable.
Arrives in Skullis' Unique Gift Box.

Before You Purchase

Your carved gem skull pendant will be as unique and individual as you are. No two specimens will be the same and your gem skull will not look exactly as the ones featured here.

Along with offering different gemstones, we also offer more than one size for our Signature Gem Skull pendant design. Often the difference in measurements is tiny, but the difference in the size of the carved gem skull pendants is considerable when viewed firsthand.

Please do carefully note the posted approximate measurements given for each item size available. We strongly encourage you to mark these measurements on paper to determine the full size of the pendant. After that, prepare for your pendant to be larger or smaller than you expected despite all of your work. This is the most common experience that catches even our regular customers off guard.

Our carved gem skull jewelry is usually a lot of gemstone compared to most jewelry. The weight of your Skullis Jewelry will often be noticeable. Know your gemstones! Amber will be very light, amethyst will be weighty, pyrite will be heavy.

Please view photos and videos carefully. They are accurate and unedited. We do our best to show size comparisons when possible. We use studio quality lighting that few people will have in their homes. We do our best to be sure the colors are accurate, but you may need to view some materials in sunlight to see the true colors shown in our photos.

Returns are accepted. Customer pays for return shipping. Customers are not obligated to keep any item they are not fully satisfied with.